The Conundrum

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August 24

Okay I have some work to do so I can catch up expect alot to happen in the coming weeks! A new banner under links and down to the bottom under Misc.

July 10
I've added some new lovely FanArt!!!!! There is also a new news story. I am currently playing around with photoshop and trying my hand a graphic design so updates will most likely be streched out.

July 9
I've added new quotes from "Static" and more to the Sightings section and there is a web ring on the front page

July 2
I've added a new link to The Gauntlet

July 1
I've added a message forum to the front page and a little more to the Gossip/Rumors/Speculations.

June 30th
I've updated the Cast Biographies with some more information. I've added links to Periculum, WitchBlade Central Station, Gabriel's Angels, Rosemerrys Witchblade Ramblings, and the convergence. Also there's some more Gossip/Rumors/Speculations posted. There is a new spot on the episode guides for the upcoming episode "static". This page is new also!!!